Show that Messy House

Real Estate


I think this is great advice! Seriously!!! Very recently, I had a buyer's agent get the day wrong on a showing. She actuallly came with her buyers the day before the scheduled showing. My sellers were not home. They left under the assumption they had no showings. Bed was not made, dishes in the sink and dirty towels in the bathroom. This client was immaculate and would have never left the house this way had she known. My buyer's agent called me that evening with an o...ffer!!! I was confused because they were not supposed to be there until the next day. This was the first offer we had had on this home! I called my sellers to share the offer and the first thing she said was, "oh my gosh, the house was a mess!" Lessoned learned-- keep your home clean and picked up, but don't turn down a showing because of a little clutter. They may never come back!!!